LED Bulbs

AVC LED bulbs unique features

With the highest color rendering rating, AccuColor™ allows you to see the real, untarnished colors
Unlike other LED lights, FeatherWeight™ Design lowers pulling stress on your lighting fixture to lower the risk of lamp damage or failing light bulb.
SafetyLens™ ensures there won't be the danger of shattered glass when handling and installing light bulbs. Feel safe and confident for you and your family with SafetyLens™.

LED Lighting Facts

Save $160*

A single LED light bulb could save up to $160 over its lifetime

30x Lifetime

1 LED light bulb lasts as long as 30 incandescent light bulbs, or 4 CFL light bulbs

Mercury Free

Unlike CFL light bulbs, LED light bulbs contain no mercury. Safe for health and good for environment

4x Efficiency

Using less electricity means less pollution for generations to come

* A single LED light bulb can save you $160 during its lifetime
assuming $0.12779/kW, $1.77 per incandescent bulb

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